Sakit ke?

Assalamualaikum Ladies!

What are you doing this weekend especially its school holiday! Hoyeee! Hehehe.. For my friends that need to work, I wish all the best for you. Responsibility on yours and when payment out, your responsibility to treat me too. Hihihi. Hey, don't be stress, have some break. I heard Pizza Hut launched their Cheesy 7 right? Go and grab that. I'm stress yoo. I want it too, but for sure the meat is not properly slaughtered and maybe they put some wine or "pinky" animal inside. Huuu.... (-_-")

So, to compensate myself of not getting Cheesy 7, i will go for holiday to Sweden, Norway and Denmark for 7 days and 6 nights this Monday. Yeah, very equality. Cheesy 7 = 7 days trip. So, i won't be blogging for 1 week as well as not facebooking. I will miss u ladies. For sure.  

Here i want to mumble about myself, and please be patient. I need you ladies to hear what i've been through. *Heh, sound like big prob je u ni Jihan.. Hehe.. Okay, throw away your shyness Jihan because its very important. I'm not feeling well nowadays, i have high temperature inside, mmm...i mean that my breath is hot and not normal. I'm confuse either because the weather is cold or really i'm not well. So, i drink lots and lots of water till i need to go to the ladies lots and lots of times. As the result, the guys asking me "why always you i keep seeing came and out from the toilet??" Weee.... Fedulik kan mereka Jihan.

Then ladies, when i want to throw out, from my butt not throwing out that you vomit, alaa.... proper word like "long call / defecate" and harsh word "poop out / bust a shit". Now, you will really understand and want to vomit. =_=  its ok. Back to the problem, it comes out with blood. Its not that i'm having difficulty if not i know i get constipation, but because everyday i have long call and its veryy goodd yoo. However, that everyday long call comes out with blood. Thick blood and sometimes i'm freaking scared, cause i don't feel pain at all. Its been two months already since i'm in here (Netherlands) and Alhamdulillah i'm healthy. But this bloody shit tell me that i'm not healthy. =(  Ishishishkkk... ='(   Now, i stop eating chocolate too much (still a huge bite jugak la..) and eat fruits. I'm shy to go and see doctor. Dutch doctor? Huh, i'm scared the Dutch doctor will falling for me. Hahaha. Ok, serious, no. Seeing doctor is my last choice.

Being sick doesn't stop me from travelling. Come on Jihan, go for healthy! "Go jogging" and i said "Oh, its cold outside, i choose jogging inside". *And i look at my bed with a bright smile. =)

P/s : For umi and buya that read this entry, this is what i want to talk about through phone but it doesn't come out. Miss u. =(
P/ss : For abang, angah, bang chik n adik, aku tau korang gelak2 kan aku, okay, stop gelak! Serious sikit! =((


  1. sayang, did u eat fruit regularly? vege? ada sakit pedih2 perut tak? how many times a day? u better go for some medical check up. do not play around with melena takut ada something luka dekat large intestine or colon. dont be afraid. seeing a doctor is the best way for this. dont drink coffee in the mean time.

  2. yeah, doc in sweden cakap my blood circulation dah pecah n gave me the medicine's name. tapi bile sampai holland, pharmacy in holland xjual ubat tu, n kena jumpa doc holland sebab kuat jugak ubat tu untuk dapatkan prescription..


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