It was YOU

I saw u..
You was smiling.. I smile too..
You look skinny.. I wonder why.. Hmm,,maybe you are too busy and you skip your meals..
Your skin getting darker.. I wonder why.. Hmm,,your work need you to stay out mostly..
I can see the happiness through your eyes.. I am happy too..
As I look at you....
Deeply, I miss you..
That wouldn't change anything as I saw a ring at your finger..
It was raining heavily in Venlo, which is time for "Mustajab Doa"..
I prayed for the best for you and me..

Nak kawen nanti guna fresh tulip boley x?
Boley je Jihan.. Sediakan duit je..
~ End ~  (-_-")


  1. so sweet . fresh tulip is awesome jihan : )

  2. nak fresh tulip jugak boleh?? hehe

  3. sangat...! kite nak bawak balik msia je tapi time tu musim winter plak.. huhu.. (-_-")

  4. Kak ita, boley2.. nanti jihan amik gambar n bg kat akak.. hehehe...


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