Hey Ladies..

Temperature in Venlo during night around 5 - 9 degree Celsius.. Cold babe and it made me feel lazy to get up from my comfort bed cause i love to roll with my comforter like sushi... Weee... (-_-")  But yeah, "Yoo! wake up Jihan. Go and pray. Subuh." and another voice "Relax yoo! Sleep for 15 minutes more" and I said, "Shoohh you iblis!" Huhuhu... I exaggerate the story but that is my usual obligation for Subuh, and i know you too.. hihi

Hmm,,,yesterday gloomy morning, i woke up as usual.. On my first step out from my room, i heard "ZZzzziiitttT" sound. It made my nerves stand out dude. Because of that i slipped down the stairs and my butt bum bum with the edges of the stairs. I'm freaking afraid and i cannot scream. Luckily, i can break in the middle of stairs with my legs. *Nice butt, thanks. Tidak sia-sia i get weight. hihi.. Huh, such hurt. And the stairs just like Penang ferry's staircase, 45 degree.

I slowly came down and get my self ready for prayer. Before i went up stairs, i need to calm my self for about 10 minutes, caused i was shaking badly. Then, i just burst into Aliaa's room and hug her. She got so confused on me for acted that weird way. *Do i care?? huhu.. I told her everything and she with her husky voice (terkejut bangun tetiba kan?) calm me down.

Hmm,,,ladies. Please help me. I need to get rid of this fobia that i've told u in my previous entry Janji..

Can u imagine i slipped from up there till the middle??
Damn my butt hurt.. =(


  1. I pity those bum bum so much hehe. i wanna go to venlo please hikhik.

  2. Buat lah bacaan yasin beramai-ramai satu rumah.. slalunye bile dah bace yasin diri jadi kuat sket sbb confident da lebih sikit since dah buat pagar... nak jd lg kuat bace la yasin tiap2 hari.. xde dah la fobia.. :)

  3. To : Dhiya Fariza
    Kak long, datang r sini, bring ur winter cloths ya? hehe

  4. To : Aisyah nazurah
    Yup, Aisyah, thanx sgt. My housemates get worry n semalam dah baca Yasiin.

  5. seriously awk dgr that sound ke jihan ? be tough girl . semoga semua akan okay . insyaAllah

  6. To :Princess
    Yup.. InsyaAllah, semua nya akan ok. Thanx awak. =)

  7. for real? cuti raya haji ni kak long dtg boleh?

  8. raya haji? boleh je.. jihan g embassy.. ikot la sekali?


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