Memories that I Miss

Hey Ladies.. Ape cer? Cer cite, cer cite? Huhu.. At first, i like that word "cer cite" but then, i don't. Feeling like "hey dude, i don't want to hear your story actually, but to make me look like i'm concerned, cer cite sikit..." See?? Hahaha. So, don't trust if someone said that to you. *Kalau u all percaya, memang la lurus sangat.(-_-")

Cute and gorgeous Ladies out there, i miss the moments we have spend together, and if we don't have that opportunities yet, InsyaAllah, we will make it someday. Here, spending the times with friends are very different. Especially :

1 - No cinema or bowling
Yup, we don't spend time going there as well as useless because the movies all in Dutch. Plus, the cost is much2 higher which we prefer to do something else that incur less or no cost at all. Hihi. Looks like we "kede**t", but yeah, we are. We can do it later when we come back to Malaysia. So....what did we do are..... We cycled and enjoyed the stunning scenery that He has created, cooked and invited other people to come and taste "Gulai kuning", "Kurma", "Kari", "Rendang", "Nasi Himpit", "Kuah kacang" and much more especially  Malay cuisine and they love our cookies "Kuih Raya" and we teach them to use fingers when eating. Hihihi. Ala2, home stay. Plus, we save our money and spend on travel.

2 - Birthday Celebration
In Malaysia, we celebrate everywhere with cake and party, but in here, i'm surrounding with 4 guys and only 1 lady, so, we don't celebrate that kind of way because, they will prank you "kaw2!". After we went to eat somewhere in Halal Restaurant, and laughed like innocent, then once you step home to park your bike. Dush!! You are death. That "kaw2" = "kari basi + telur + susu masam + sampah sarap + kulit telur + left over". *Tidak ada belas kasihan. Habis la sipa punya birthday selepas ini. Memang i nak hentam giler2. HAHA Watchout!  

3 - Miss someone
As a witness of my friends' experiences, when they miss someone especially your gf / bf, they will go out and take some fresh air at 1.00 am ladies... Huuuu... Haru-biru other members caused we thought something bad had happened but after he came back, he said, "Rindu girlfriend je...." and we "What??!!" and went upstairs. (-__-!)  Sabar jela... Hey, really ladies, when we think it back, what can you do right if you miss someone too much? You can't even meet that person and for whole time you can just communicate through media. But my dear Ladies, that someone to miss should be  Allah, the Creator. Find your love with Him sayang, InsyaAllah, everything will be alright. Then, of course i miss my parents and my family and last night, this was my conversation with my dad :

Dik Yan comey : Ya! (Abuya in shortform), I can't call u for one week because i can't get line outside Holland.
Daddy : Ok, take care ya? Make sure everything is ready. Its cold right now. Wear your jumper and coat.
Dik Yan comey : Alright, don't worry. Eh, Buya please don't miss me ok?
Daddy : Not at all...
Dik Yan comey : ~~Speechless~~ *Sampai hati buat anakanda patah hati...... (with sad face still cute... hakahaktuih)  

P/s : Really miss u all. =)


  1. totally experiencing the same thing like you for 3 years now. BUT u're staying in a place way awesome than kak long la. holland cantik sini makan pasir berdebu haha.

    gaduh dgn along awak ni. sedih :(

    couldnt agree more. with what u are suggesting on number 3 :) nak dtg sana plz :p

  2. hey, nape gaduh dengan along??

    yeah, u r most welcome to here.. =)

  3. err jihan, yg 'cer cite' tu mmg mostly org tganu slalu gune dr dlu.but sometimes bunyi dye jd mcm 'cu cite' maksudnye mmg nk srh org gtau la..but then xtau la niat org lain cane kn..hehe :D

  4. hey ladies...kak ji...bru kome taw hang nye blog..

  5. @usopsontorian

    haha..sekarang dah tau? hihi

  6. olololo jihan. so cute! have fun there jihan :)


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