Sabar itu Nikmat.

Assalamualaikum Ladies,

My dear sweet friends,
For this past few days,
It was a hectic days for me,
As a new staff kuli as well as a student,

My patient was being tested,
When encounter those immoral human being,

I was so sad till the tears started ruined my day,
Only Allah knows how humiliated, embarrassed,
And hurt I am.

But dear Ladies,
No matter how hurt you are,
You should never hurt them back,
You are much much much more better than them. ;)

And never hold any grunges towards them,
It will only blacken your heart and soul,
And it is not worth it.

Because of what?
Because you have Allah,
And Muhammad is the messenger.

Everything is going to be alright.

P/S: Ladies are worth it. ;D


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